Mycosafe Sample Collection System

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Supplied in Packs of 20 Units

Each pack includes a Mycosafe Collections Dish, Grip Seal bag, Patient Form and Transport Envelope. Instructions included.


Mycosafe™ Sample Collection Instructions

• Remove Mycosafe dish from envelope. Open the lid by gripping the side tabs and gently pulling the lid upwards.

• Place specimen onto the black base. Replace the ‘tight fit’ locking lid, ensuring it is secure by gently squeezing it closed. Seal inside Gripseal bag.

• Fill in the patient form included. Seal everything inside envelope and send to Laboratory.

About the Mycosafe™ System

Simple, easy to use 'tight fit' locking lid container for the safe collection of Hair, Nail and Skin Samples used in Mycological and Dermatological investigations.

Black card specimen platform helps to absorb sweating from Skin, Hair & Nail samples, whilst providing a strong background for sighting specimens. 

Clear lid for easy identification of sample prior to testing. 

Each unit comes with transport envelope and the Patient's Sample Form that includes Patients Name, Date of Birth, Clinic / Doctor's name, Date and Laboratory Number. 

Additional information sections including Recent Contact with Animals, Recent Travel Abroad & Recent Treatment  

Benefits of Mycosafe

  • Stable, simple design that ensures safe collection & handling
  • Unlike adhesive strips, the locking lid provides an easy on/ off closure, adding safe & secure handling
  • Crystal-grade plastic container allows for inspection/ identification of contents