Mycosafe Sample Collection System

Simple, easy to use 'tight fit' locking lid container for the safe collection of Hair, Nail and Skin Samples used in Mycological and Dermatological investigations.

Black / Blue Card target zone helps to absorb sweating from Skin, Hair & Nail samples, whilst providing a strong background for sighting specimens. 

Clear lid for easy identification of sample prior to testing. 

Each unit comes in a clear grip seal bag with document pocket & a Patient's Sample Form that includes Patients Name, Date of Birth, Clinic / Doctor's name, Date and Laboratory No. 

Additional information sections including Recent Contact with Animals, Recent Travel Abroad & Recent Treatment  

Benefits of Mycosafe

  • Stable, simple design that ensures safe collection & handling
  • Unlike adhesive strips, the locking lid provides an easy on/ off closure, adding safe & secure handling
  • Crystal-grade plastic container allows for inspection/ identification of contents 
  • Black or Blue target zones for different skin colour, hair or nail samples


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