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POPULAR PRODUCTS from Microbiological Supply Company


Simple, cost effective solution to hazardous waste in the laboratory. Used for everyday, routine disposal of most items used in Microbiology and Pathology procedures and testing.The Dispo-Safe waste jars can be autoclaved and/ or incinerated. Used for wet discard such as disinfectants etc.

Autoclave Bins

Moulded in thick, heat stable polypropylene, these tough, stackable bins will give many years of service. Much less expensive than metal bins, they also have the added advantage of being resistant to splitting and not scratching surfaces.
Bins will retain liquids expressed during autoclaving, thus avoiding possible blockage of drain holes, etc


Fine grade, non fluff, highly absorbent, pre-cut sheets for drying glass microscope slides following staining procedures etc.

The sheets are sized to accommodate up to 5 standard slides thus eliminating waste.


Safe & convenient handling & transportation of dermatological specimens,

Various systems available for different specimen types.

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