Wellcolex Colour Salmonella Kit

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Use this rapid latex agglutination test for detection and presumptive serogrouping of Salmonella from Selenite Broth and solid culture media. Wellcolex Color Salmonella can also be used for the presumptive identification of Salmonella serogroups A, B, C, D, E, and G, and the Vi antigen using just two reagents.

To perform Wellcolex Color Salmonella, a sample from a Selenite F broth culture (18 to 24 hours incubation) or a suspension of bacteria from solid agar is reacted with two test reagents, consisting of a mixture of suspensions of red, blue and green latex particles, each of which is coated with antibody specific for different Salmonella serogroups.

In the presence of homologous antigen one of the colors in the mixture will agglutinate, and the identity of the antigen is indicated by the color of the aggregated particles with a contrasting change in the color of the background. Each combination is easily distinguished from the others and from a negative result in which the particles remain in smooth grey/brown suspension, and the occasional nonspecific result in which all the particles agglutinate into grey/brown aggregates against a cleared background.

Identifies major groups of Salmonella
Utilizes advanced color technology for clear, easy-to-read species and/or serogroup identification
Provides accurate, reliable results in less than three minutes
Quickly eliminates negative samples when used as primary culture screening method
Includes latex reagents 1 and 2, red, blue, and green positive controls, disposable mixing sticks, disposable reaction cards, disposable sample dispensers, disposable suspension tubes, instructions for use, and reading guide

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