StarFrost® Adhesive Microscope Slides Silane Coating

StarFrost® Adhesive Microscope Slides Silane Coating

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Brand:  Starfrost

Tissue and cell substrates stick rapidly on StarFrost® adhesive slides without using
further adhesives or protein coating media
• Saves costly and time consuming preparation techniques
• Adhesive coating is restricted to the top surface and therefore to the usable area
only, and the underside is untreated, so slides do not tend to stick when stacked or
transported and difficulties with marking are avoided
• Single frosted, colour coded marking area (20mm)
• Washed and polished
• Dims, w x l: 76 x 26mm
• 45° ground edges
• Tacky surface area for greater adhesion
Code Alt Ref Colour Pack Price
MIC3060 VS112711FKA.01 White 50 £8.00
MIC3062 VS112721FCA.01 Yellow 50 £8.00
MIC3064 VS112731FKA.01 Pink 50 £8.00
MIC3066 VS112741FEA.01 Green 50 £8.00
MIC3068 VS112751FKA.01 Blue 50 £8.00
MIC3069 VS112761FEA.01 Orange 50 £7.70

Silane Coating
• For routine staining applications
• Hydrophobic surface tension
• Do not show striae and disturbing background colouration
• Allow stronger enzyme-induction without losing the tissue

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