Protect Beads Green

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Protect microorganism cryopreservation system is ideal for long term maintenance of stock and quality control of microorganisms including bacteria, anaerobes, yeast & moulds, dairy and pharmaceutical strains. The cryopreservation beads are chemically treated and immersed in a specially designed cryo-solution, that prevents damage whilst frozen and facilitates the perfect conditions for long term storage of organisms (user instructions). They are an ideal way of freezing bacterial cultures.

Choice of moisture resistant cardboard freezer box or polypropylene freezer tray
User reference grid on lid and inside base of freezer box
Fits universal freezer rack systems
Easy-lift lid
Long-term storage of a wide range of bacteria, yeasts and fungi
Frozen storage of fastidious and non fastidious organisms
Ideal for frequent users for consistent and reliable performance control

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