Laboratory Equipment & Consumables 

Discover an extensive range of lab equipment in our online shop. We supply quality, brand-name products at discount prices. Free delivery is also available. If you can't find what you are looking for in our online store please contact us and our team will be happy to help with any of your laboratory requirements.

Autoclave Supplies

Autoclave accessories including autoclave bags, stackable plastic autoclave bins, indicator tape, deodorisers, autoclave gloves,  plastic baskets and indicator tubes.


A range of plastic disposable cuvettes. Also included in the range are UV-Cuvettes, available in various types and replace sensitive and expensive glass or quartz cuvettes. 


Corning supplies including laboratory glassware, centrifuge tubes, culture plates, microplates, pipettors and tips, cryogenic vials, cell culture products and much more.


Decon Autoclave deodoriser capsules. Specially formulated and suitable for all makes & models of autoclaves. Find in our autoclave accessories section.

PCR Plates

Choose from a range of PCR Plates 48 well, 96 well and 384 well PCR Plates.  Semi-skirted or skirted formats. Clear, white or black wells.

Pipette tips

Universal and brand specific pipette tips. Extensive range of volumes and sizes, available for all applications. More available by contact.

Lab Gloves

A range of popular brand disposable lab gloves and hand care products including soaps and handcreams. 

Lab Plasticware

Laboratory plasticware including autoclave baskets, racks, beakers, bottles, funnels, jerrycans and much more.

Sealing films

Parafilm sealing film, for secure sealing of beakers, flasks, test tubes, etc protect against contamination or evaporation and to prevent spillages.

Lab Glassware

An extensive range of laboratory glassware is available including test tubes, beakers, flasks, cylinders, bottles and vials.


A range of Seward supplies. Seward Limited has been manufacturing and developing the Stomacher® Lab Blender for 40 years. 


Essential Lab items

A wide range of disposable plastic products for the life science market including Petri dishes, sample containers, pipettes and multi-well plates.


Water Purification

UK manufactured water purification systems, industry-leading servicing and maintenance and cost effective consumables as provided for decades.


Full range of Sterile and non-Sterile Swabs. Inoculation loops, spreaders & needles. Protect beads. Specialised swabs and components.


Highly effective, fast-acting, flexible and convenient, modern formulated disinfectant solutions for many applications.


Product for range of laboratory applications that require filtration, sample collection (cards and kits), blotting, lateral flow components and flow-through assays and other general laboratory accessories.

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