Fisherbrand™ Nichrome/Aluminum Inoculating Loops

Fisherbrand™ Nichrome/Aluminum Inoculating Loops

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Brand:  Fisherbrand

Fisherbrand Nichrome/Aluminum Inoculating Loops consist of a nichrome wire loop mounted to an aluminum handle. Inoculating loops are used to introduce microorganisms into a culture medium.

Fisherbrand™ Nichrome/Aluminum Inoculating Loops are provided with a standard aluminum handle
The aluminum handle is available in either an insulated or non-insulated format
Inoculating loops are available in a variety of gauges, loop-hole sizes, and wire types to accommodate an array of laboratory requirements.
Ideal for selecting, inoculating, or transferring microbiological samples
Loops slide along agar surfaces without cutting or tearing material/sample
Cools rapidly after sterilization
Handle length: 8in.(203mm)
Autoclavable up to 135°C; Can be sterilized by Eto/gamma radiation
Produced under ISO 9002, GMP, cGMP guidelines

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