Laboratory Waste Discard

Simple, cost effective solution...

DISPO-SAFE™ Laboratory Biohazard Waste Jars
Simple, cost effective solution to hazardous waste in the laboratory. Used for everyday, routine disposal of most items used in Microbiology and Pathology procedures and testing.The Dispo-Safe waste jars can be autoclaved and/ or incinerated. Used for wet discard such as disinfectants etc.

Available in various sizes & volumes for different uses and environments.

Looking for sharps bins?  You can find a comprehensive range of sharps bins in our store here.

Our online shop has a range of general every-day use laboratory products. Can't find what you are looking for? Get in touch and let us know you requirements. With access to thousands of products; we will be please to provide you with a solution.

BLOT-A-SLIDE™ - Slide blotting sheets

High Quality Fine Grade

Fine grade, non fluff, highly absorbent, pre-cut sheets for drying glass microscope slides following staining procedures etc.

Unlike blotting paper, Blot-A-Slide is stringently controlled to eliminate fluff, dust and abrasive particles which can affect the optical appearance of the dried slide when viewed microscopically.


Rapid Absorption

Blot-A-Slide is made from a highly and rapidly absorbent grade of filter paper which is also moisture retentive and has high wet strength.


Efficient & Economic Design

The sheets are sized to accommodate up to 5 standard slides thus eliminating waste.



Transport & Handling System for dermatological specimens

 Dermapak is a unique, purpose designed system for the safe transportation and convenient handling of dermatological material for mycological investigations.

Secure the lid with optional hinges and clips or simple cable ties can be used to create a seal, preventing spillage in transport.

Stackable Autoclave Bins

Moulded in thick, heat stable polypropylene, these tough, stackable bins will give many years of service. Much less expensive than metal bins, they also have the added advantage of being resistant to splitting and not scratching surfaces.
Bins will retain liquids expressed during autoclaving, thus avoiding possible blockage of drain holes, etc.

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