Corning™ Lambda Plus Pipetor Starter Kit

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The Lambda Plus Starter Kit is designed for laboratories which are about toreplace their old set of pipettors, and for customers who want to get a newset of pipettors which cover the most commonly used volumes.

The Lambda Plus Starter Kit contains: four Lambda Plus Single-Channelpipettors conveniently packaged with useful accessories (manual, calibrationkey, color-coded rings, tube of piston grease and identification stickers).

Lambda Plus Single-Channel pipettor:
- 0.5 to 10 µL (Cat. No. 4071)
- 2 to 20 µL (Cat. No. 4072)
- 20 to 200 µL (Cat. No. 4074)
- 100 to 1000 µL (Cat. No. 4075)
Universal carousel rack for six single-channel pipettors
​Corning DeckWorks™ Pipet Tips:
- 10 µL (Cat. No. 4135)
- 200 µL (Cat. No. 4138)
- 1000 µL (Cat. No. 4140)
​Free Gift - 1 Corning insulated lunch bag
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