Corning® Falcon® Flasks Vented Caps

Corning® Falcon® Flasks Vented Caps

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Brand:  Corning

• Secure stacking provides stability from accidental tips or spills, and protection against contamination (canted neck flasks)
• Sterilised by gamma irradiation
• Nonpyrogenic tested to less than 0.1EU/mL
• Volumetric graduations and writing patch

Vented Caps
• Polyethylene caps with an integral hydrophobic 0.2µm microporous membrane filter
vent allow consistent gas exchange when the cap is in the closed position
• Gases required for cell growth and metabolism pass freely through the vent while
microorganisms cannot
• Minimise contamination associated with standard open incubation
• Caps will not fall off in the incubator because of vibration

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