Combination Total Count Yeast Moulds Dip Slide BTM2

Combination Total Count Yeast Moulds Dip Slide BTM2

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Microbiological dipslides are plastic paddles coated in ready to use agar (prepared culture media) and are used for microbiological monitoring of a surface or liquid. Each agar tests for a different group of microorganisms and will show growth if a particular contaminant is present in a sample.

Made in a sterile environment with purpose built machinery
Rigid quality control measures ensure a uniform agar fill giving flat, even surface for a reliable result every time
Dual sided dipslides to allow multiple contamination testing with one test
Side 1 agar: nutrient agar with TTC (red spot dye)
Side 1 detection: total count
Side 2 agar: malt extract agar
Side 2 detection: Yeasts and moulds
For general use
Supplied in packs of 10

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Total Count Dip Slide with Red Spot Dye BT2
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