Colony Counter Hand-Held
Colony Counter Hand-Held
Colony Counter Hand-Held
Colony Counter Hand-Held

Colony Counter Hand-Held

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The eCount is a simple to use colony counter for counting cells in microbiology applications or tissue culture. This unit combines a multifunction electronic counter with a Sharpie® pen for counting and marking to prevent missing or double-counting colonies in a Petri dish.

  • Light, ergonomic body that is balanced for easy manipulation
  • Convenient easy to use touch controls for multiple counts, sums, counting up or down and turning the unit on/off
  • Count up/down verification, enables you to confirm you counts
  • Thumb button allows you to use the eCount as a digital tally counter
  • Easily verify each count with either an audible beep or LED flash
  • Displays totals for up to 32 individual counts or zones
  • Quick and easy to change between different colored markers to check different colony counts in the same view
  • Multi-functional counter can be turned off allowing the unit be used for writing
  • Up to 999 colonies per zone helps simplify the counting process
  • Weighted stand for bench top use
  • Long life – CR1225 3.0 V Lithium battery
  • US Patent No. D564385 and EP Registered Design No. 705751-0001
  • Package includes eCount colony counter, black Sharpie® pen for highly visible marks on both plastic and glass, long-life button battery, hand tally adapter counts without marking, and weighted stand for convenient bench top use
  • 5 year warranty (not including battery