BRAND UV-Cuvettes

BRAND UV-Cuvettes

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Plastic disposable UV-Cuvettes for spectrophotometric analyses in the UV/VIS range. UV
transparent plastic cuvettes replace fragile glass or quartz cuvettes in many applications
that were previously beyond the range of plastic cuvettes. Designed for single use, they
eliminate time-wasting washing, and the cross contamination risk associated with washing
and reusing glass cuvettes. Macro/semi-micro are ideally suited for determinations in
water analysis, chemistry and life science applications. Micro are specially designed for
photometric determination or proteins, ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and oligonucleotides.
• Grouped by mould cavity number
• Light path of 10mm
• Range of application from 230 to 900nm
• Minimal extinction value variation
• Clear, clean optical path
• Recessed windows protect against scratching
• Arrow indicates optical path orientation
• Will fit most commercial photometers without need for adapters
• Usable with most polar solvents, acids and alkaline solutions

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