Biotix uTIP Universal Pipette Tips Racked, Sterile, Filter Tips

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• Contain polyethylene filters that traps aerosols and prevents cross contamination of
your pipette
• Proven to block aerosol contaminants with a 99.99% BFE

Biotix universal pipette tips make every pipette more ergonomic with FlexFit® technology. The flexible proximal end makes
an instant seal on universal pipettes reducing the force required to attach and eject tips.
• Compatible with a wide range of pipettes
• Light insertion and ejection forces
• Low binding X-Resin® maximises sample recovery
• Reduce plastic waste, Biotix tip racks use 30% less plastic then leading competitors
• Fine point blade design eliminates hanging droplet formation and reduces the need for tip touch off
• Certified free of DNase/RNase, endotoxins/pyrogens, PCR inhibitors, and human DNA

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